Volvo VIP Factory Delivery

Volvo VIP
Factory Delivery

Buying a car - the Volvo way

When it comes to delivery of your new Volvo, instead of opting for local delivery or direct shipment, why not choose the Volvo VIP Factory Delivery. This unique opportunity means you can collect your new Volvo from their state-of-the-art factory in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Volvo will pay for flights for two people to Gothenburg and one nights overnight hotel stay in the city, this is included in the price of your new Volvo. After placing an order with us for Factory Collection, you will be contacted by Volvos Travel Agent who will work with you to book your flights and hotel.

  • Collecting your new Volvo

    Collecting your new Volvo

    After being collected from the airport or hotel in Gothenburg you will be driven to the Volvo Factory Delivery Centre, just outside the city. Here you will be given a run through of your new Volvo. You will then have the opportunity to take your new Volvo for a test drive on the test track, before being treated to a celebratory traditional Swedish lunch.

  • Volvo Factory Tour

    Volvo factory tour

    After lunch you will be given a guided tour around the Volvo Factory. This roughly hour long tour gives you the unique opportunity of seeing how your Volvo was built.

  • The Volvo Museum

    The Volvo museum

    As part of the experience you will also get the chance to take a journey through Volvo's history by visit the Volvo museum. From iconic model, groundbreaking designs and innovations to concept cars, you will be able to learn more about the company?s humble beginnings in 1927 all the way to the modern day.

Explore Sweden in your new Volvo

Explore the land of Volvo

Whilst in Sweden collecting your new Volvo, why not get to know it in the country that built and inspired it? Sweden has a wide variety of experiences to enjoy - from world-class shopping and cultural highlights in beautiful cities to adventurous activities in the striking wilderness found all over Sweden. However you decide to explore your new Volvo - Sweden is yours to discover.

Once you've explored what Scaninavia has to offer, drive back through Europe and get to know your new Volvo. From Gothenburg, head towards Malmo and take the 34resund Bridge to Copenhagen. Continue on through Denmark, Germany and France then catch the Eurotunnel from Calais to Folkstone, UK. From Folkstone it takes approximately 2-3 hours to drive to RAF Lakenheath.

  • Volvo Road trip

    A different kind of road trip

    From motorways that join Sweden's largest cities, to the small road that wind though beautiful landscapes and quaint towns, the roads here provide many opportunities for drivers to enjoy all types of driving. We can provide you with several routes to try, all tailor made to give you the best opportunity to explore your new Volvo.

  • Accomodation in Sweden

    Live it up or slow things down

    Throughout all of Sweden we can recommend accommodation suitable for everyone, whether you want to experience the vibrancy of a big city or simple get away and relax by the sea. We can also recommend exceptional places to eat, from restaurants serving the finest Scandinavian food to enchanting local bistros.

  • Take a royal tour

    Take a royal tour

    Some of the routes we recommend take in some of Sweden's oldest and finest castles. Many of these 16th century castles are open to the public, and others have been converted into magnificent hotels. Why not take the opportunity to live like royalty for a night or two?

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